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Visualization for measurement technology

About us

EMBU-Sys was founded in 2011. With experience in the fields of display technology and visualization, we now offer you components for measurement technology in research and development related to the automobile. Of course, in addition to the devices, the corresponding software developments also belong to the portfolio.

Right from the start of a concept, we always pay close attention to your future productivity.

In the conception, the guiding principle "Progress is the way from the primitive over the complicated to the simple" is in the foreground. While the complicated is often implemented in a complex and therefore error-prone manner, we strive for a clearly structured implementation of the simple.

Construction and production

Konstruktion Montierte Platine


In addition to the numerous technologies used that give our products their performance, the following seems particularly worth mentioning:


By using openABK, it is possible to display data from data loggers via a standardized interface. In addition, the user can control processes in the data logger.
openABK can be found in the CANDICE displays and in the visualization software EMBU-Chart application.
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