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Download EMBU-Sketch Konfigurations-Tool

Layout-Software zum Erstellen von Layouts für CANDICE-Displays.



Zum Download benötigen Sie ein Passwort. Bitte kontaktieren Sie hierzu EMBU-Sys, siehe Kontakt.

Laden Sie das Programm herunter, öffnen das ZIP-Archiv und starten Setup.exe. Sie benötigen während der Installation eine Internetverbindung.

Für weitere Informationen, siehe Produktseite.

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Version Release Wichtigste Neuerungen (Auszug)
1.1.28 01.07.21

openABK: Fixed missing data transfer of variables (long-poll thread now starting after DAQs are uploaded completely)
openABK: Now deleting downloaded file in case of an partial download with error
openABK: Increased auxiliary request time-out from 500 to 2000 ms. Fixes abortion with large number of variables
openABK: Fixed missing output of session id in error log output

1.1.27 10.06.21 DocMenu widget: Fixed missing painting of non-populated areas in test mode
Button widget: When font shrinking selected, now calculating icon size for the unscaled font rather than the shrunk font
Button widget: When font shrinking selected, now calculating font size before drawing rather drawing for each shrink attempt
Popup widget: Fixed erroneous error return value when executing the Show() method. Fixes potential abortion of macros
1.1.26 08.05.21 Context menu items with files now in packed format with ellipses
Now showing error message box if file does not exist when opening it by context menu from dockable list pane and gallery pane
Now showing error squiggles on empty properties
1.1.25 05.05.21 openABK: Added context menu items for opening, deleting and reloading openABK documents.
openABK: Fixed misinterpreting "." or ".." directories as valid document folders
openABK: Now exposing document download progress and document availability
Button widget: Now invoking re-draw if font size shrunk
List-widget: Now initializing the row count data cell to 0
Popup widget: Added the Show and hide methods
Action and action-macros: Fixed abortion due to missing setting of success flag for the actions a) reset alert states, b) reset min/max/avg and c) screen on
openABK document unzipping: Now treating file names in zip archive as IBM437/ASCII rather than UTF-8, this fixes wrong file names with e.g. German umlaut.
1.1.24 19.04.21 Fixed variable widget name mebmer being formattet as ="<name>"
Now suggesting scope nodes which have children of qualified criterion
Sketch: CPropDocNodeName: Ignoring error checking when it contains %OpenArgX%
No longer suggesting functions and constants where not appropriate
Variable widget changed from "Variable" to "Variable-Widget" in order to avoid confusion with variables
Fixed wrong rendering of thumbnail after inserting template from clipboard
Fixed offsetting widget when pasteing to template root
Button-Widget: Now lowering the relative icon size makes room for more text
Loading widget from template: Fixed coordinate issues (i.e. creating a zero-sized page)
1.1.23 10.04.21 Button widget: Added relative image size property
Button widget: Now checking wheter button is still alive after firing an action
Button widget: Fixing potential problem when button closes and a confirmation message needs to be shown
DocMenu widget: No longer overriging the close property for open document button
ABK: Now deleting documents locally when openABK server does not provide a document archive
1.1.22 29.03.21 Button-Widget: Added option to shrink font when text does not fit in area
Added some icons when installing
Added "Open-File" action
Open from Template action now get names for the open args. Names can be defined in the template
No longer reporting errors for disabled or hidden properties
Refined error report of scoped expressions
Now implemented open arguments as data cells
Fixed wrong scaling when padding is greater than zero
Fixed missing children outlining when hovering
Introduced Document Menu widget type (used to navigate and open by given file/directory structure)
Fixed missing update of thumb view under certain circumstances
Now supporting mute and volume in test mode
1.1.21 01.03.21 Now allowing copying of main desktop widget as bitmap
Fixed rarely hangs when widget is created by data change event.
1.1.20 22.02.21 openABK: Implemented dynamic discovery of server with fixed IP address/port specification
openABK: When disconnecting from server, now clearing the values at the variables that are no longer connected to the server
Fixed some missing combobox option inherintances
No longer showing error bubble for empty file path properties
Templates, audio recorder: Added combobox option for name when a child is an audio recorder widget. Removed combobox option in audio-recorder widget if it is not root within the templates
Menu-derived widgets: Removed mnuMain name suggestion for inherited classes
Added "Copy File" context menu option for the output and log pane
Compiler: Added output line when output file was generated
1.1.19 16.02.21 Minor refactoring to be in synch with EMBU-Chart
1.1.18 02.02.21 Variable widget: No longer reading/writing user setting when option disallows it
Fixed wrong padding and border width when layout changes in size
Extent-Property: Optimized scaling for extents of value 0
Sketch: Fixed missing flush of pending edit of property when user closes the main window
Fixed missing initialization of controls which are not coming from templates
File-List-Widget: Added vertical scrollbar option
File-List-Widget: Now allowing ambigious extension in file filter.
File-List-Widget: Now showing files in ascending-sorted order
ColorTable: Fixed missing acceptance of elder expressions in quotes
1.1.17 28.11.20 AudioRecorderWidget: Now showing playback arrow whenever it might occur at runtime
AudioRecorderWidget: When changing test mode, removing all pending openABK links that may have ben left open from testing.
AudioRecorderWidget: Reversed bar color of recording elaplsed time
1.1.16 14.11.20 openABK: Added an option to ignore the maximum audio recording length specification of the server
1.1.15 09.11.20 Audio-Recording Widget: Now keeping openABK links when recording stops. Effectively allows re-recording with same ID.
1.1.14 30.10.20 Audio Recording Widget: Now exposing the current mode
1.1.13 24.10.20 Audio Recording Widget: Added option for large playback symbol
Refined property description strings for audio recording widget image properties
1.1.12 09.10.20 Fixed missing cancellation of thumb state when klicking in layout window
Now hiding the formatters value, range and status flags if not needed
Color table property: No longer showin the dynamic hint when color table has no data cell assigned to.
List-Widget: Added fractional digits property to each column
No longer showing error icon in the items list when only warnings detected.
Double-precision property: Fixed default range lower limit.
Added CAN sample point properties and combobox options.
Baudrate combo box options approximated to HW supported values and correcting baud rate to next best approximation when entering baud rate
Improved property order for Can-send message.
CAN send: Added distinction concerning FDF and BRS bits
CAN: Added different open modes for 2.0 and FD
CAN: Added sample point adjustement capabilities
Added CAN baud rate/bittiming HW capabilities to target specifications.
Audio recording widget: Fixed missing custom image, fixed path resolution in CMeasBitmapProp, now expanding path to absolute path.
Audio recording widget: Fixed missing deferred loading of custom images
1.1.11 06.08.20 Fixed wrong colors at dynamic coloring (value-color-tables) when loading elder layouts, e.g. bar graphs
When pasting widget over widget, the pasted one gets offset sightly
List-widget: Fixed missing initial sorting when entering test mode
List-widget: Fixed: In test mode, now user cannot sort if disabled for a column
List-widget: Now supporting cyclic refresh when sorting by dynamic values
Refined some help texts of proeprties
Tab-Widget: Fixed strange behaviour when scrolling and add-button (+) is present
On-screen keyboard: When opening and when editing, upper case will be set automatically after a dot or line break or start of line
Widget: Fixed missing/improper size-adjustments, i.e. edit-widget sometimes contained a too-small edit control within it.
Audio recording widget: defined ranges for deley and max rec time
Expanded internal data transfer as preparation to CAN-FD
Fixed decoding when XML option list is defined. Now option list takes preceedence over decoding decimal with sscanf() or similar
openABK, Audio: Opening audio recording widget at z-group defined in the templates rather than always on level 3
Main window with list view: Tinted filter edit control when filter is active
Main window with list view: Added filter capabilities
CAN: Baudrate now with logarithmic slider
Properties: Added detents for slider at positions given by combo options
Properties: Added slider granularity
CAN: Added property for selecting CAN2.0 vs CAN-FD
CAN: Msg receipt supports now payload sizes up to 64-byte
CAN: Refactored field extraction and insertion from/to payload as preparation to CAN-FD
CAN: upgraded to support up to 64-byte payload length as preparation to CAN-FD
CAN Graph Control: Refactored to support payload up to 64-byte as preparation to CAN-FD
Target selection dialog: Changed layout
Added CAN type capabilities in target specifications
Added target spec file for CANDICE 7 V5+
Added sliders to several properties
Refined ordering of several properties
Fixed missing update of list view when CAN-Send field was deleted
Now shown color property grayed-out when disabled
Refactored properties combobox options to render lazily (huge modifications on a lot of classes)
Added Icon to string combo box enumeratons
Added combo option for DocRoot output name
Added combobox icons for several items
ScaleFormatter: Added suggestion of 42.5% vertical center position (optimum for 270 degree gauges)
Keyboards now appear reliably with language coding in the keyboard list form
Properties pane: Now showing icon when value can be found in a combobox item
Properties pane: Now showing text of combo box rather than the bare value if an appropriate option could be found
Options dialog now shows icons for deployment transport drive selection
Refactored property grid constraints
Properties Pane: refactored font/int/bool handling from ribbon bar
Selective paste in properties pane: Fixed gray-out for suffixed XML property names
Now storing property help and names as resource ID (rather than rendered strings), saving huge memory capacity
Refactored properties (huge refactoring)
Refined several property help strings
Fixed potential crash when editing property with a dialog
Action, send openABK button: Now handling button name as languaged text
Fixed loss of page widget caption string when exiting test mode
Combobox widget: Fixed missing update of options list when language changed
Keyboard test mode: Now showing switchover message in appropriate language
Fixed undefined patterns/pixels in 32bpp png files
Reworked path conversion from/to absolute/relative
File change notification. Now testing to open file before notifying, compensates for delays when another process needs long time between changing file and closing it
Refactored formatters (numeric, bar, gauge, scale)
1.1.9 25.03.20 Fixed maintenance of tab widget after method "SetToForeground"
Rework of conversion between absolute and relative paths
Rework of propertiy objects for file path, double, integer, font, color, string, bool
Now offering only fonts which are supported by target system (requires new setting of target in order to to take effect)
Added option to obtain an USB-sticks volume name from autorun.inf instead of boot sector
Fixed wrong scaling when changing target resolution
Fixed zeroing of desktop widget when target resolution changes
fixed wrong scroll range for layout window
1.1.7 28.02.20 Y(t) diagram: fixed wrong layout calculation, now taking font size into account
Widget background images: Fixed wrong back color of uncovered area if non-transparent widget and image shall be converted for night mode
List widget: Fixed missing scaling of column widths
Fixed hanging when templates re-open other templates in a circular fashion by avoiding circular window ownerships
Fixed missing storing of initial value of an extent type when scaling
Fixed offset of index when setting Z-index of widget which caused strange behaviour when event handlers are among the children of a widget
Fixed inaccuracy of child positions when scaling, now applying individual scale factors for scaling child widgets
Fixed inappropriate ordering for Z fore/back menu items
Static widget: When scaling, now using the lesser of x and y factor
Text widget: When scaling, now using the lesser of x and y factor
Refined tool tip texts of Z fore/back menu items
Refined error output when children names found multiple times
Text-Widget: Fixed wrong fore color in night mode if transparent
1.1.6   Never deployed
1.1.5 10.01.20 Fixed missing close on dismiss when clicking to a tab of a tab widget
1.1.4 beta 03.12.19 Added icons to action options
Added missing environment directory expansion
Fixed missing display of value after list widget sorting
Changed help icon to avoid copyright conflicts
1.1.3 beta 27.11.19 Fixed missing undo-backup of children when deleting children
Fixed potential crash when deleting with list-view multi-selection
Fixed wrong focusing when redoing an undone step
1.1.2 beta 11.11.19 openABK: Fixed mismatch in var/mailbox mapping
Widgets: Now assigning a name when XML contains widget with empty name
Fixed wrong searching for affine widgets (used when navigating through pages with arrow keys on a keyboard)
Now suppressing key handling if modal dialog or on-screen keyboard is active
Close-on-dismiss now inhibited if owner would be closed by an owned widget. Also setting ownership of newly opened widget from templates to e.g. button who initiated opening
Button-Widget: removed padding on top and bottom of text, allowing larger font sizes
Button-Widget: Now supporting environment strings for its image files
Compiling, gathering utilized files: Fixed assertion
Sketch: Fixed wrong file names in compiler output if document was loaded from UNC path
Introduced Embu-Sketch shipping directory in relative paths by using environment vars (not yet tested intensively)
List-Widget: Added initial sorting capabilities
Optimized consumption of handles when loading a large-sized file
Some refactoring
1.1.1 beta 26.10.19 Tab-Widget: Now the the (+) button is no longer scrolled-out
Button widget: Fixed missing firing after on-screen keyboard closed: Now considering button coordinates before movement as *inside* the button
Tab-Widget: Automatic page size adjustment on tab widget move/size now only when Ctrl key is pressed. Added context menu for adjustment.
On-Screen Keyboard: Fixed wrong color of close button and non-occupied area.
Fixed missing conversion absolute/relative path when gathering utilized files.
Error- and output pane now showing selection even if not focused
openAbk: Added server-side index as ID when synching client-vars to server-vars.
Action, OpenFromTemplate: When resolving open arguments, constant expressions not starting with "=" now no longer get disturbed by executing them
Edit-Widget: Now allowing to use %OpenArgX" at maximum length property in templates
Edit-Widget: Fixed loss of length limitation when multiline or vertical-scroll property changes
openABK: Refactored certain containers to improve performance
Optimized multi-selection in list views
Keyboard-Dialog: Increased key sizes by reducing padding
Now importing extension keyboards when adding built-in fallback keyboard
Status Flags: Added general enabling properties in docroot for showing each status flag
Widget, open from templates: Fixed unwanted re-ordering of widgets if template opens (now using stable sort algorithm)
1.1.0 beta 11.10.19 Tab-Widget: Now excluding control widget types (i.e. edit, combo) generally
Tab-Widget: Refactored drawing, fixed wrong metrics for non-standard text orientation
Tab-Widget: Extended touchable area from tab visible area to a larger area reaching to the border of the tab widget
Sketch: Now selecting item when right-clicking in project tree
Added automatic position adjustment of other tab members when one menber is sized or moved by mouse
Refactored Z-Ordering of widgets, fixes the old problem that tabs are misordered in EMBU-Sketch.
Tab-Widget: Jumping to first member if user deletes member
Tab-Widget: When moving by mouse, pages get moved too
Undo: Fixed missing redo-action by fixing undo merge optimization and fixed missing screen-updates with tab widget
openABK, write-back value to server: Fixed missing sending-back if name of var or mailbox differs from server-side name
Edit-Widget: Added vertical scroll-bar option
Form-Widget: Added option to open on-screen keyboard when form opens
Changed several property descriptions
Button: Inhibiting auto-repeat function when opening widget from templates
Panel persistence now configurable at project level
Added user-configurable on-screen keyboards
Added several icons to combo box of properties
Variables, openABK: Prepared importing ID of variable from openABK servers meta information
List widget: Now allowing filtering by value, added method for requerying
Edit widet: Now allowing specifying on-screen keyboards
Variable select dialog: Fixed missing hidden variables even if desired (e.g. in variable widget)
Workspace restauration to default now without restart
Added logging pane and moved openABK log pane functionality to new logging pane
Fixed effect that one additional *parent* keyword was needed in suggestion window
Fixed crash when terminating program
Expressions and filters, Like-operator: Fixed crash when right hand operator is longer than the left hand operator -2 (e.g. "ABC"~~"*ABCDEF*"
Fixed incomplete tree view content for large projects
1.0.69 24.06.19 Performance optimization when selecting objects
Fixed improper building project tree after loading
Now holding a cached thumb image for faster thumb view
Flushing properties pane from edit mode if user saves or compiles document
1.0.68 05.06.19 Fixed hanging progress window when loading large layouts by removing the progress window
Tab-Widget: Fixed missing update when a page gets closed by an action
Action: Close-Widget-action now can also close non-root widgets since target can be specified by a path
Action: Added the *BringWidgetToForeground* action
1.0.67 25.05.19 Improved performance when loading image
Improved speed when generating variables from openABK
Suggest window now applies suggestion when user clicks on the item
Optimized performance by omitting invoking of variable timeout-rescan on each data arrival
1.0.66 22.05.19 Fixed memeory leaks in the directory watcher
Fixed missing squiggles and edit tooltips for single file path properties
1.0.65 20.05.19 openABK: Pitching name when auto-generating variable and var already exists in order to avoid duplicate variable/mailbox names
Variable Widget, test mode: fixed missing "Mailboxes." scope path when user selects a mailbox
Sound-Widget: Connrected wrong unit of the minimum-volume property description from ms to % (only english version affected)
1.0.64 09.05.19 Button: Fixed missing firing of openABK-Sending when button is not auto-repeat (and also if closing attribute is set)
Fixed crash when user focused edit control in value property and then changes data source with the data source dialog to an openABK source
Fixed crash when variable composition changes due to user changes in openABK data source
1.0.63 07.05.19 Fixed potential crash when deleting a variable which is currently linked to openABK server
Fixed loss of data source description when user changes data source of variable while connected to an openABK server
openABK: now generating source description of automatically generated variables so it gets visible to the user
Tab-Widget: Closing info-box (which states double-tap or long tap for closing) when page got closed
Load speed improvement by registering drop target in a delayed manner
Load speed improvement with layouts with many popup widgets
Fixed missing scale in clock widget
Undo: Fixed missing restauration of widget position if multiple widgets were moved/sized
File new wizard now sets resolution to the selected target
Several fixes
1.0.62 25.04.19 Improved performance when closing widgets and having a large number of variables
Introduced prioritized coupling of variables to one of multiple openABK sources
Added option to disable volume boosting while playing sound
Introduced Navigation toolbar in layout window
Introduced navigation-path toolbar in layout view
Introduced navigation back/forward feature
Y(t)-Widget: Now ranges of channels can be set from within actions and also can be exported
Text-Widget: Added blinking capability (as known of the static and numeric widget)
Expressions: Added 0b as binary prefix, also accepting underscore (_) within binary- and hex-formatted constants
Added OnClose handler which gets called when widget gets closed
Button-Widget: When button has close option set, auto-repeat will get disabled
Added CloseOnDismiss feature (top-level-widget can be closed/hidden when user clicks on another widget, but not a child)
Added SubmitOnDismiss feature for form widgets
Now supporting Goto-Item on right-click of an scoped element
Persistent variables: Now supporting a default value initialization
Several bug fixes and performance optimzations
1.0.61 21.02.19 Added clean temp/output and open output directory button to the ribbon bar
Temporary files are created on %USERPROFILE%\Appdata\Local\ directory
Refactored compiler, fixed SMB access issues when building target at network drives.
Versionsnummern können Sprünge aufweisen, die für interne Builds reserviert wurden