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Visualisierung für die Messtechnik

EMBU-Chart für PCs (Tablet, Desktop)

PC-Software zur Darstellung von openABK Messdaten.



Zum Download benötigen Sie eine erworbene Lizenz und ein Passwort. Bitte kontaktieren Sie hierzu EMBU-Sys, siehe Kontakt.

Laden Sie das Programm herunter, öffnen das ZIP-Archiv und starten Setup.exe.

Während der Installation auf das Zielgerät benötigen Sie eine Internetverbindung.

Für weitere Informationen, siehe Produktseite.

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Version Release Wichtigste Neuerungen (Auszug)
1.1.28 01.07.21

openABK: Fixed missing data transfer of variables (long-poll thread now starting after DAQs are uploaded completely)
openABK: Now deleting downloaded file in case of an partial download with error
openABK: Increased auxiliary request time-out from 500 to 2000 ms. Fixes abortion with large number of variables
openABK: Fixed missing output of session id in error log output

1.1.27 10.06.21 Implemented PKPA2000 window when backlight is off
DocMenu widget: Fixed missing painting of non-populated areas
Added auto-start option
openABK: Delayed document download from 2 to 10 seconds after connection established
User settings and options: Now using profile name rather than app name for storing in registry, fixes potential issues when running in multiple instances
Button widget: When font shrinking selected, now calculating icon size for the unscaled font rather than the shrunk font
Button widget: When font shrinking selected, now calculating font size before drawing rather drawing for each shrink attempt
Popup widget: Fixed erroneous error return value when executing the Show() method. Fixes potential abortion of macros
Variable widget: Now serializing user settings when one of the SelectNext() or SelectPrev() methods were invoked
PKPA2000 device: Screen-on now working for a) actions and b) alert widget
PKPA2000 device: Now ignoring the built-in keyboard when deciding whether to show the on-screen keyboard
1.1.26 08.05.21 No relevant changes
1.1.25 05.05.21 openABK: Fixed misinterpreting "." or ".." directories as valid document folders
openABK: Now exposing document download progress and document availability
Button widget: Now invoking re-draw if font size shrunk
List-widget: Now initializing the row count data cell to 0
Popup widget: Added the Show and hide methods
Action and action-macros: Fixed abortion due to missing setting of success flag for the actions a) reset alert states, b) reset min/max/avg and c) screen on
openABK document unzipping: Now treating file names in zip archive as IBM437/ASCII rather than UTF-8, this fixes wrong file names with e.g. German umlaut.
1.1.24 19.04.21 Fixed variable widget name mebmer being formattet as ="<name>"
openABK: Disabled directory change watching while reading and restarting layout app. Fixes very long load time due to congestion
Refactored cloning a widget, fixes wrong geometry when aspect ratio is different from design time
List-Widget: Fixed wrong column widths when cloning pages after user changed column widths
Button-Widget: Now lowering the relative icon size makes room for more text
Fixed missing icon when cloning pages with icon
When creating widget from template, now recompiling root instead of widget branch. Results in less overall compilation effort
Loading widget from template: Fixed coordinate issues (i.e. creating a zero-sized page)
1.1.23 10.04.21 Button widget: Added relative image size property
Button widget: Now checking wheter button is still alive after firing an action
Button widget: Fixing potential problem when button closes and a confirmation message needs to be shown
DocMenu widget: No longer overriging the close property for open document button
ABK: Now deleting documents locally when openABK server does not provide a document archive
1.1.22 29.03.21 openAbk: Now downloading and unzipping documents
Button-Widget: Added option to shrink font when text does not fit in area
Now closing CandicePdf.exe when openABK limit alert or audio-recording event occurs
Added "Open-File" action
Now implemented open arguments as data cells
Fixed wrong scaling when padding is greater than zero
Introduced Document Menu widget type (used to navigate and open by given file/directory structure)
Added option to select audio endpoint for volume and mute control
Now filtering-out VK_VOLUME_DOWN, VK_VOLUME_UP when routing to openABK server
1.1.21 01.03.21 Fixed rarely hangs when widget is created by data change event.
1.1.20 22.02.21 Usersettings read: Fixed parsing abortion due to max line length constraint in .ini files.
openABK: Implemented dynamic discovery of server with fixed IP address/port specification
openABK: When disconnecting from server, now clearing the values at the variables that are no longer connected to the server
Now Amending firmware version info when server provides version with three number blocks
User settings: Now ignoring the app directory when importing or exporting user settings
List-widget: Fixed wrong log file entry when variable ordering conciliation mismatches occured
List-widget: Removed redundant re-filling after loading user settings
1.1.19 16.02.21 SysValues: Maintaining brightness setting for special target handling
Variable ordering for list-widget: Now counting non-matching items in Conciliate() method
File-list-widget: Fixed unwanted clearing of value i.e. when user enters a file name by means of an Edit-Widget
List-widget: Dumping unmatched items to the log file when variable ordering is restored
List-widget: Now clearing lexicographical sorting when restoring variable ordering from user setting
Tab-widget: When restoring user settings, now restoring the docnodes rather than only setting widget z-positions
Implemented detection of target for later target-specific handling of several items
1.1.18 02.02.21 Variable widget: No longer reading/writing user setting when option disallows it
Fixed wrong padding and border width when layout changes in size
Extent-Property: Optimized scaling for extents of value 0
Fixed missing initialization of controls which are not coming from templates
File-List-Widget: Added vertical scrollbar option
File-List-Widget: Now allowing ambigious extension in file filter.
File-List-Widget: Now showing files in ascending-sorted order
ColorTable: Fixed missing acceptance of elder expressions in quotes
1.1.17 28.11.20 AudioRecorderWidget: Reversed bar color of recording elaplsed time
1.1.16 14.11.20 openABK: Added an option to ignore the maximum audio recording length specification of the server
1.1.15 09.11.20 Audio-Recording Widget: Now keeping openABK links when recording stops. Effectively allows re-recording with same ID.
1.1.14 30.10.20 Audio Recording Widget: Now exposing the current mode
1.1.13 24.10.20 Audio Recording Widget: Added option for large playback symbol
1.1.12 09.10.20 CAN Rx: Fixed missing sign extension for signed data
List-Widget: Added fractional digits option to each column
Audio recording widget: Fixed missing deferred loading of custom images
1.1.11 08.06.20 Fixed wrong colors at dynamic coloring (value-color-tables) when loading elder layouts, e.g. at bar graphs
List-widget: Fixed missing initial sorting
List-widget: Fixed, now user cannot sort if sorting is disabled for a column
List-widget: Now supporting cyclic refresh when sorting by dynamic values
Tab-Widget: Fixed strange behaviour when scrolling and add-button (+) is present
Now routing function keys F1..F26 (i.e. the red trigger button) to openABK server even when on-screen keyboard is active
On-screen keyboard: When opening and when editing, upper case will be set automatically after a dot or line break or start of line
Now closing on-screen keyboard if a widget opens (i.e. ensures visibility of openABK alerts when on-screen keyboard is open)
On-screen-keyboard: Added progressive backspace by deleting whole words
On-screen-keyboard: Fixed weird copying when double-clicking
Widget: Fixed missing/improper size-adjustments, i.e. edit-widget sometimes contained a too-small edit control within it.
Expanded internal data transfer as preparation to CAN-FD
Fixed decoding when XML option list is defined. Now option list takes preceedence over decoding decimal with sscanf() or similar
openABK, Audio: Opening audio recording widget at z-group defined in the templates rather than always on level 3
Options dialog: Added descriptions to network adapter combobox
Refactored properties (huge refactoring)
Action, send openABK button: Now handling button name as languaged text
Combobox widget: Fixed missing update of options list when language changed
Fixed undefined patterns/pixels in 32bpp png files
Refactored formatters (numeric, bar, gauge, scale)
1.1.9 25.03.20 Fixed maintenance of tab widget after method "SetToForeground"
Rework of propertiy objects for file path, double, integer, font, color, string, bool
Reworked metrics management for multiple monitor support
Added option to obtain an USB-sticks volume name from autorun.inf instead of boot sector
Fixed touch input handling errors (i.e. tab rename menu strange bahaviour)
Added command line switch for monitor selection
Added command line switch for initial window position
Fixed scaling errors on multi-monitor systems
1.1.8 06.03.20 Fixed crash when session ending
Writing settings when Windows (TM) session ends
1.1.7 28.02.20 Y(t) diagram: fixed wrong layout calculation, now taking font size into account
Widget background images: Fixed wrong back color of uncovered area if non-transparent widget and image shall be converted for night mode
1.1.6 beta 10.01.20 Passing key strokes to openABK only when no on-screen keyboard is open
Adding instance number to caption when opened with /i# switch
Removed "unbenannt" from window caption (FWS_ADDTOTITLE removed)
List widget: Fixed missing scaling of column widths
Fixed hanging when templates re-open other templates in a circular fashion by avoiding circular window ownerships
Fixed missing storing of initial value of an extent type when scaling
Fixed offset of index when setting Z-index of widget which caused strange behaviour when event handlers are among the children of a widget
Fixed inaccuracy of child positions when scaling, now applying individual scale factors for scaling child widgets
Static widget: When scaling, now using the lesser of x and y factor
Text widget: When scaling, now using the lesser of x and y factor
When resizing app by mouse, only taking action on changes
Text-Widget: Fixed wrong fore color in night mode if transparent
1.1.5 beta 10.01.20 Fixed missing close on dismiss when clicking to a tab of a tab widget
1.1.4 beta 03.12.19 Key area of on-screen keyboard slightly enlarged
On-Screen keyboard now gets closed reliable when widget gets opened, i.e. an alert widget gets shown
Added missing environment directory expansion
Fixed missing display of value after list widget sorting
Changed help icon to avoid copyright conflicts
1.1.3 beta 27.11.19 List-widget: fixed missing initial sorting
1.1.2 beta 11.11.19 openABK: Fixed mismatch in var/mailbox mapping
Widgets: Now assigning a name when XML contains widget with empty name
Fixed wrong searching for affine widgets (used when navigating through pages with arrow keys on a keyboard)
Now suppressing key handling if modal dialog or on-screen keyboard is active
Close-on-dismiss now inhibited if owner would be closed by an owned widget. Also setting ownership of newly opened widget from templates to e.g. button who initiated opening
Button-Widget: removed padding on top and bottom of text, allowing larger font sizes
Button-Widget: Now supporting environment strings for its image files
List-Widget: Added initial sorting capabilities
Some refactoring
1.1.1 beta 26.10.19 Tab-Widget: Now the the (+) button is no longer scrolled-out
Button widget: Fixed missing firing after on-screen keyboard closed: Now considering button coordinates before movement as *inside* the button
On-Screen Keyboard: Fixed wrong color of close button and non-occupied area
On-Screen Keyboard: Fixed missing key images when reloading layout in EMBU-Chart
openAbk: Added server-side index as ID when synching client-vars to server-vars
Action: OpenFromTemplate: When resolving open arguments, constant expressions not starting with "=" now no longer get disturbed by executing them
Edit-Widget: Now allowing to use %OpenArgX" at maximum length property in templates
openABK: Refactored certain containers to improve performance
Keyboard-Dialog: Increased key sizes by reducing padding
Fixed missing loading of built-in keys when decoding layout without keyboard node it its XML tree
Status Flags: added general enabling properties in docroot for showing each status flag
Widget, open from templates: Fixed unwanted re-ordering of widgets if template opens (now using stable sort algorithm)
1.1.0 beta 11.10.19 Refactored Z-Ordering of widgetsTab-Widget: refactored for Z-ordering items
Tab-Widget: Jumping to first member if user deletes member
openABK, write-back value to server: fixed missing sending-back if name of var or mailbox differs from server-side name
Button: Inhibiting auto-repeat function when opening widget from templates
Edit-Widget: Added vertical scroll-bar option
Form-Widget: Added option to open on-screen keyboard when form opens
Introduces user-configurable on-screen keyboards
openABK: prepared importing ID of variable from openABK servers meta information
List widget: Now allowing filtering by value and added method for requerying
Edit widet: Now allowing specifying on-screen keyboards
Variable select dialog: Fixed missing hidden variables even if desired (e.g. in variable widget)
Expressions and filters, Like-operator: Fixed crash when right hand operator is longer than the left hand operator -2 (e.g. "ABC"~~"*ABCDEF*"
Several refactoring for improvements
1.0.10 25.05.19 Improved performance when loading image
Improved speed when generating variables from openABK
Fixed missing image url when variable was created by openABK
Optimized performance by omitting invoking of variable timeout-rescan on each data arrival
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