Visualisierung für die Messtechnik

Download EMBU-Sketch Konfigurations-Tool

Layout-Software zum Erstellen von Layouts für CANDICE-Displays.



Zum Download benötigen Sie ein Passwort. Bitte kontaktieren Sie hierzu EMBU-Sys, siehe Kontakt.

Laden Sie das Programm herunter, öffnen das ZIP-Archiv und starten Setup.exe.

Für weitere Informationen, siehe Produktseite.

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Version Release Wichtigste Neuerungen (Auszug)
1.0.69 24.06.19 Performance optimization when selecting objects
Fixed improper building project tree after loading
Now holding a cached thumb image for faster thumb view
Flushing properties pane from edit mode if user saves or compiles document
1.0.68 05.06.19 Fixed hanging progress window when loading large layouts by removing the progress window
Tab-Widget: Fixed missing update when a page gets closed by an action
Action: Close-Widget-action now can also close non-root widgets since target can be specified by a path
Action: Added the *BringWidgetToForeground* action
1.0.67 25.05.19 Improved performance when loading image
Improved speed when generating variables from openABK
Suggest window now applies suggestion when user clicks on the item
Optimized performance by omitting invoking of variable timeout-rescan on each data arrival
1.0.66 22.05.19 Fixed memeory leaks in the directory watcher
Fixed missing squiggles and edit tooltips for single file path properties
1.0.65 20.05.19 openABK: Pitching name when auto-generating variable and var already exists in order to avoid duplicate variable/mailbox names
Variable Widget, test mode: fixed missing "Mailboxes." scope path when user selects a mailbox
Sound-Widget: Connrected wrong unit of the minimum-volume property description from ms to % (only english version affected)
1.0.64 09.05.19 Button: Fixed missing firing of openABK-Sending when button is not auto-repeat (and also if closing attribute is set)
Fixed crash when user focused edit control in value property and then changes data source with the data source dialog to an openABK source
Fixed crash when variable composition changes due to user changes in openABK data source
1.0.63 07.05.19 Fixed potential crash when deleting a variable which is currently linked to openABK server
Fixed loss of data source description when user changes data source of variable while connected to an openABK server
openABK: now generating source description of automatically generated variables so it gets visible to the user
Tab-Widget: Closing info-box (which states double-tap or long tap for closing) when page got closed
Load speed improvement by registering drop target in a delayed manner
Load speed improvement with layouts with many popup widgets
Fixed missing scale in clock widget
Undo: Fixed missing restauration of widget position if multiple widgets were moved/sized
File new wizard now sets resolution to the selected target
Several fixes
1.0.62 25.04.19 Improved performance when closing widgets and having a large number of variables
Introduced prioritized coupling of variables to one of multiple openABK sources
Added option to disable volume boosting while playing sound
Introduced Navigation toolbar in layout window
Introduced navigation-path toolbar in layout view
Introduced navigation back/forward feature
Y(t)-Widget: Now ranges of channels can be set from within actions and also can be exported
Text-Widget: Added blinking capability (as known of the static and numeric widget)
Expressions: Added 0b as binary prefix, also accepting underscore (_) within binary- and hex-formatted constants
Added OnClose handler which gets called when widget gets closed
Button-Widget: When button has close option set, auto-repeat will get disabled
Added CloseOnDismiss feature (top-level-widget can be closed/hidden when user clicks on another widget, but not a child)
Added SubmitOnDismiss feature for form widgets
Now supporting Goto-Item on right-click of an scoped element
Persistent variables: Now supporting a default value initialization
Several bug fixes and performance optimzations
1.0.61 21.02.19 Added clean temp/output and open output directory button to the ribbon bar
Temporary files are created on %USERPROFILE%\Appdata\Local\ directory
Refactored compiler, fixed SMB access issues when building target at network drives.