Visualisierung für die Messtechnik

Firmware-Updates zu CANDICE-4 und CANDICE-7

Firmware-Updater zu den intelligenten Displays CANDICE-4 und CANDICE-7.


Vorgehensweise für ein Update:
  1. Laden Sie das Zip-Archiv herunter
  2. Öffnen Sie das Zip-Archiv und geben das Passwort candice ein.
  3. Erstellen Sie auf einem FAT32-formatierten USB-Stick den Ordner AutoRun.
  4. Kopieren Sie den Updater CandiceUpdater.exe in den Ordner AutoRun und entfernen Sie den Stick sicher aus Ihrem PC
  5. Stecken Sie den USB-Stick in einen USB-Port des Displays und warten auf die Fertigstellung.

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Alle Versionen

Version Release Wichtigste Neuerungen (Auszug) 05.06.19 Tab-Widget: Fixed missing update when a page gets closed by an action
Action: Close-Widget-action now can also close non-root widgets since target can be specified by a path
Action: Added the *BringWidgetToForeground* action 25.05.19 Improved performance when loading image
Improved speed when generating variables from openABK
Fixed missing image url when variable was created by openABK
Optimized performance by omitting invoking of variable timeout-rescan on each data arrival from openABK 22.05.19 Fixed problems when creating from built-in templates (i.e. Form widget if no template is defined), previously resulted in subsequent incorrect placed widgets
Fixed memeory leaks in the directory watcher 20.05.19 Optimized extracting layout archive by using a larger copy buffer
Fixed missing file loading of files (e.g. images) when opening from templates.
Pitching name when auto-generating variable and var already exists in order to avoid duplicate variable/mailbox names
Variable Widget: fixed missing "Mailboxes." scope path when user selects a mailbox
Embu-Chart: Fixed missing profile serialization of advanced options category 07.05.19 Storing temporary app download to flash memory rather than ram-disk in order to not break the memory limits
Fixed missing firing of openABK-Sending when button is not auto-repeat (and also if closing attribute is set) 07.05.19 Tab-Widget: Closing info-box (which states double-tap or long tap for closing) when page got closed
Fixed missing scale in clock widget
Several fixes 25.04.19 Improved performance when closing widgets and having a large number of variables
Introduced prioritized coupling of variables to one of multiple openABK sources
Added option to disable volume boosting while playing sound
openABK Variable connection: declared mailbox in variable list and vice versa as deprecated and non-functioning
Tab-Widget: Fixed with calculation if page has no caption but an icon
List widget: Fixed double occurence of variable for the "preserving variable ordering feature"
Variables: Fixed missing file write of persistent variables when more than one persistent variable exists
Y(t)-Widget: Now ranges of channels can be set from within actions and also can be exported
Variable-select dialog: Added an expansion button to show it in full-size
Text-Widget: Added blinking capability (as known of the static and numeric widget)
Expressions: Added 0b as binary prefix, also accepting underscore (_) within binary- and hex-formatted constants
Added OnClose handler which gets called when widget gets closed
Button-Widget: When button has close option set, auto-repeat will get disabled
Added CloseOnDismiss feature (top-level-widget can be closed/hidden when user clicks on another widget, but not a child)
Form widget: Added SubmitOnDismiss feature
Persistent variables: Now supporting a default value
Expression-parser: Now treating null and error as constants, allowing better pre-optimization
Now supporting incremental deployment with WMDC even if only images changed 14.02.19 Introduced file list widget allowing the user to select files
List Widget: Now preserving order even when filtering is applied and removed
Actions: Added "Close Widget" action
Actions: Added "Save User Settings" and "Load User Settings" action for storing on e.g. USB-Stick
Tab-Widget: Added fixed tabs to prevent user from dragging/renaming it 21.12.18 Now supporting audio recording length parameter of openABK server (beta) 06.12.18 Now recovering from failed http request when server closed connection due to keep-alive
Audio-Widget: Now displaying error as overlay, allowing diagnostic if no error handler is installed
Audio-Widget: Resolved rarely occuring deadlock when stopping recording 16.10.18 Added JsonExtract() function
Action openABK send button: Button name can now be a dynamic expression 24.09.18 Log-files now get copied only if specified in autorun.inf file of the inserted device
Fixed sporadic hanging of audio recording widget in playback mode when changing play pos
Fixed missing leading backslash in the provided root path for the volume mount event 20.09.18 Fixed missing download of display configuration from openABK server 08.08.18 Updater: No longer overwriting touch calibration data 26.07.18 List-Widget: deactivated H-Scroll with hidden scrollbar
List-widget: fixed missing update of values if hoizontal scroll-offest!=0
Fixed missing drawing of gradients in glass-styled bars
Supports action *Screen On* 27.06.18 CAN-Send: Accuracy of send cycle improved
CAN-Interface: fixed loss of commands and improved command response time
List widget: Fixed sporadic missing of restauration of scroll position from user settings
Y(t) diagram, scale labels: Fixed SI prefixing error
Fixed wrong alpha values when premultiplying dark pixels 25.04.18 Added version information in log file when starting
Changed from statically linking to shared library DLLs
Now maintaining min/max/average of variables which don't come from a bus
Introduced the QR widget
Added the built-in functions UtcToLocal() and LocalToUtc()
Added __system.clock.UtcTime
Expressions now tolerate line breaks 12.03.18 Fixed double action of certain keys when they are routed through openABK server
Fixed wrong key handling for 2nd, 3rd etc. key event in the event list 03.02.18 openABK: When encountering bad request (400) at long polling, a reconnect will be issued [15.02.19] Derivate of [08.08.18] Updater: No longer overwriting touch calibration data [26.07.18] List-Widget: deactivated H-Scroll with hidden scrollbar
List-Widget: Fixed sporadic missing of scroll position restauration from user settings    fixes missing popup widget if show mode is set to "show always